About – Bach for the Brain

My name is Michael Hughes, I am a neuroscientist, and I run a lab at Washington University School of Medicine that focuses on molecular outputs of the circadian clock.  On April 12, 2015, I had a grand mal seizure after my daughter’s 6th birthday party, and the proximate cause turned out to be a tumor the size of a jumbo chicken egg above my right pre-motor cortex.  It was suIn_labrgically removed at Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis later that week.  As you might imagine, a sudden shocking diagnosis of brain cancer forces one to rethink his mortality. After some reflection, I decided that had I died, a key regret would have been never learning anything meaningful about classical music.  So, in order to attempt to turn bad, bad luck into something edifying and as a key aspect of my cognitive rehabilitation post surgery, this blog is an attempt to document my efforts to learn something about Bach.  Having Bach in my head is a huge improvement over a seizure-inducing glioma.

Twitter: @HughesWustl


3 thoughts on “About – Bach for the Brain”

  1. Edmund Koundakjian said:

    His Viola da Gamba Suites are nice.


  2. Edmund Koundakjian said:



  3. The Bach Double:

    A masterpiece.

    Happy 1 year anniversary! April 16, 2016


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