When I started this blog, my intention was to record a family history for my children and keep my friends and family updated on all the medical happenings.  Although I’m not posting as much as I used to, I’m pleased that this reflects the stable and normalized nature of my condition.  In fact, Jing and I just got back from a weekend getaway to Florida, as you can see from the ever-so-dignified picture of me riding a panther in the everglades.MH_FLorida

Nevertheless, I’ve had the blog and its contents in the back of my head this whole time,  and I think it’s appropriate to begin turning it into a book.  I originally said that I wanted this book to be about a cancer survivor, not a cancer patient, and I think that that invisible threshold has been crossed.  My plan is to combine personal reflections on cancer, treatment, and rehabilitation with a parallel discussion of cancer biology and emerging treatment options.  Stephen Hawking cautions that a book’s readership is halved each time you add an equation to the text, so it’s not my plan to write anything overly technical or academic.  I just happen to be really excited about emerging technologies for treating cancer, and I think I could contribute something to the world by writing it up in a popular science format.

There’s no point in writing a book if no one wants to read it, so I thought it prudent to solicit some feedback from the readers of my blog.  If you have 2 minutes to answer 3 very short questions, please visit the Google Form I created here .  All answers are anonymous, unless you’d rather send me a personal email with your thoughts and suggestions.

I won’t have time to start any proper writing or planning until the semester is over (I’m actually proctoring an exam as I write this), but I expect I’ll get some words on page early this summer.  Thanks in advance.