… a direct quote from my neuropsychiatrist after a battery of testing this morning.  Not that I’m all that surprised: this has been my goal and expectation.  If you’ve never had a neuropsych evaluation, and I hope you never have cause to, it’s a painfully long IQ test aimed at teasing out very subtle cognitive deficits.  In my case, they focused on memory and executive function.  For example, they might read a list of letter and numbers — T_5_S_1_0_P_A — and ask you to put them in order by memory, numbers first, then letters: 0_1_5_A_P_S_T.  I recommend being fully caffeinated, even if you’re not impaired.

Last time, the test that got me was a problem-solving exercise where they show a series of slides that refer to specific numbers, and I was to deduce the rule that governs each set of slides with minimal feedback.  I bombed it spectacularly in May.  I’m not used to bombing tests, and I took this personally.  Today, I dominated this task.  So much so that the doctor asked me if I had cheated by looking it up online (it’s a staple in the neuropsych field).  I was flattered by his suspicion and told him about my Lumosity trainings.

Bottom Line:

I am cleared to return to work, provided that I don’t overstretch myself. My neuropsychiatrist doesn’t want to see me anymore, and hopes to never see me under similar circumstances again.  Can’t ask for more than that.