Our week of visitors came to a close, culminating in Quinn’s fourth birthday.  I’ve written earlier about my plans for her birthday gift, which I’m happy to say paid off very well.  Quinn was delighted with the attention and to have something before Sophie for a change.  To her credit, she immediately offered to let Sophie have a ride. Quinn_scooter And, I primed Sophie for this whole experience by having a quiet chat with her about how Quinn deserves to have a special birthday, and how Sophie can earn her own scooter if she’s well-behaved and treats Quinn well.  Sophie immediately saw the rationale and has been on exemplary behavior ever since.  I flatter myself to say that we’re raising socially responsible girls, for the most part.

Many of you may know that Jing is unusually artistically gifted, and these days, birthday cakes are her preferred medium for artistic expression.  QuinnSophie’s second birthday cake, for example, was a monkey with ears made from gluten-free flour to accommodate one of her friends dietary restrictions.  This week, Jing outdid herself again.  Quinn commissioned a cake featuring herself and Percy the raccoon.  The nearby image shows Jing’s hard work.  Quinn’s skirt is made from Zinnia petals — orange, naturally.

Happy birthday middlest girl!