… dangerous to herself and others.  I’ve previously stated that being Quinn’s dad gives one many opportunities to be a hero: whether it’s jumping into Bugg Lake at UMSL to rescue her, taking her to the ER to have X-rays taken for an almost certainly broken wrist, or doing nightly meditation with her to make her feel like she’s contributing to daddy getting better, or taking her to the ER to get stitches when she gashed her eyebrow on a playground set.

Quinn1The other day, Jing and I took the girls to the playground, and I veered off to the nearby walking trail to get my 13,000 steps.  My sister Laura was charged with watching Quinn (you had ONE job to do!).  Laura was spotting her from behind on a ladder when Quinn elected to pitch forward instead of backwards (always expect the unexpected when Quinn is involved).  The image here shows her chipped tooth — she took the tip off her upper left central incisor.  Not a major issue, especially since it’s a baby tooth — barely noticeable actually.  We’ll have the dentist polish the jagged end at their earliest convenience.  On the whole, it was a close call, with no lasting damage done.  There are some enviable parallels between Quinn’s accident and my ambitions for how this whole brain tumor business ought to be resolved (i.e., a close call with no lasting damage done).

Here’s the real question I’m chewing on (pun intended): I’ve been a bit AWOL on the fatherhood side of things the last couple months, and Quinn’s birthday is coming up.  I’ve been mulling the idea of making it up to her by getting her her first bike.  This is delicate territory, since Sophie (2.3 years older) has never had her own bike, and lord knows we’ll hear about the cataclysmic injustice of it all should Quinn get a bike before her.  In our defense, the sensible age to buy Sophie a bike was right around when we were moving from Connecticut to St. Louis, but we were trying to decrease bulky possessions instead of accumulating them.  Since then, there’s never been a good time, and our neighborhood and house location aren’t especially conducive to children biking safely.  Meanwhile, there is something to be said about Quinn, the beloved middlest child, getting something first for a change.

On the other hand, Quinn has a talent for self-injury, as described above.  Should Quinn get a bike for her birthday?  Vote here.