All three of my daughters have their own musical genius (entirely from their mother, I assure you).  Sophie is the singer.  Quinn, my kinetic middlest daughter, leans towards dance, as you might expect:

Carolyn, on the other hand, may be my proper musician.  I’m still playing guitar everyday, and every time I pluck the first note, she stops whatever she’s doing and crawls across the house to finCMH_guitard me.  She has a perfect uncomplicated joy in the sound of a true note or a charming chord.  There’s no need to carry out our ‘symbolic object’ birthday challenge; I know that Carolyn will pick the guitar if it is offered to her.

This is both good and bad for my practice: on one hand, it’s fantastic to have such a reliably enthusiastic audience.  On the other hand, Carolyn wants to participate, which makes it difficult to concentrate on challenging piecesCMH_guitar1  like Bach’s cello suites.  The nearby images show Carolyn helping me find the G-major chord that concludes the Prelude of Cello Suite #1.  As a bonus, you can also see the burr hole scar behind my ear from where they drilled the mounting screws during my surgery.

Carolyn: never forget to appreciate what’s beautiful.  Maybe by the time you are old enough, I will have learned enough guitar to teach you something useful.  That is a beautiful thought by itself.