You may recall that I’ve added a vigorous program of meditation and visualization to my anti-cancer campaign; you may also recall that Quinn has been having a real hard time adjusting to all the changes going on.  So I decided to involve her in my rehab program.  The problem is that Quinn is a kinetic creature, and she doesn’t have a very well-developed sense of empathy.  Sitting still is not an option. How do you teach a three-year-old to meditate?

I started with very light exercises: counting your breaths up to ten.  This went well enough, once I realized that meditationyou have to give Quinn a one-meter radius, unless you want meditation to become a contact sport.  Then I added another layer: we would count our breaths up to ten, while she was supposed to think about something socially valuable: having a good day in school, or going to bed without a tantrum, etc. This also went pretty well.  So well that Sophie has insisted on joining us.

The other night, I asked the girls to reflect on something that would make them happy when we did our meditation exercise.  Afterwards, I asked what they thought about:

Sophie: “I thought about you getting better.”

Me: “Darling, I am getting better, and I’m already lots better than I was in the hospital.”

Sophie: ” No, I mean better so that you can DRIVE again!”

I’m not sure why, but both of the big girls have gotten it into their heads that I’ll be all better when I can drive, and that I’m not better until then.  I’m considering taking them to an empty parking lot some evening and drive them around in circles until they feel better about my health.